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“I love Cooks Club”

Thomas Cook Time-lapse Video

Using video promotion is a key component in delivering an important message. Thomas Cook is a long term client of ATL and we have provided numerous time-lapse videos for them. They were about to launch their new and exciting Cook’s Club holiday initiative. Their brief was for ATL to create a visually interesting video that could accompany their message. Having seen the benefits of our previous video commissions, they decided to use a plane time-lapse video to show the livery being applied.

Thomas Cook Aviation Time-lapse Video

We produced two videos each one with a distinct application. One aspect of the project was to create a video by splicing interviews that described the initiative, overlaid with the time-lapse footage of the paint process. This was to be used as an internal message, delivered to Thomas Cook’s partners. The second video was a creative time-lapse video showing the application of the new livery and this was used as a promotional video going out to the general public.

Flexible Promotion

This video commission is a great example of how flexible video promotion can be. The video has a duel use, both internally and also for the public and all for one cost. The video gives an interesting behind the scenes look at the new livery production process, while at the same time delivering a distinct company message. 

It was a typical time-lapse video process but with extra emphasis on the key Cook’s Club elements that were displayed on the plane. This was all complemented by the Thomas Cook umbrella brand of “Sunny Heart”. The shoot was over ten days and we used our extensive range of cameras to capture each stage of production perfectly.

The video really gives the viewer exposure to the overall airline’s brand but more importantly to the Cook’s Club brand/initiative. It acts as a stepping stone to create further exposure to the concept though other promotional activities and social media. The video is a perfect platform for potential customers to share the video and therefore the important key message.

It is always a pleasure to work with Thomas Cook. They have been a client from the start of our time-lapse video service offering. They have a real understanding of the power of using a plane time-lapse video. We look forward to continuing our long term working relationship with their next exciting project.

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