Project Description


“Truly stunning Iceland”

Iceland Air –  Hekla Aurora Time-lapse

ATL have worked on some truly outstanding projects and this was one of them. This project sets the bar for innovative branding liveries. Icelandair commissioned ASAP Aviation to paint the Aurora (Northern Lights) on the whole side of the plane. We were commissioned by Icelandair to document the process and provide a plane time-lapse video combined with filmed video elements showing the complete painting process. This is way beyond a normal livery scheme but due to ATL, the results are there for everyone to see.

Icelandair – Hekla Aurora

Icelandair are a great company to work for. Each of their 3 special livery commissions have been  all about making a powerful visual statement. For each, they have used our time-lapse video service to capture the whole production process. This particular commission, ‘Hekla Aurora’, was to capture the unique beauty of the Northern Lights on the side of a plane. As you can imagine this is quite an undertaking.

Capturing the Northern Lights

We captured the initial part of the paint process, the stripping and preparation and then the ASAP team were ready to start their part. It was amazing to see how Martin and the team from ASAP would scale up their artwork from paper to plane. Before spraying onto the actual aircraft, preliminary testing and fine tuning was done on a mock-up fuselage section to the side of the hangar.  We also filmed this, as it would add interesting elements to the final video piece.   Now we had to be ready to capture the whole side of the fuselage being individually sprayed by the ASAP team. For this we had to set-up our cameras in a different way. We had to keep the main cameras going but also had to position a series of cameras capturing all the team working on separate parts of the plane through the different stages of the process. Logistically this was very demanding, as the ASAP team were constantly moving, each with their own hand help spray gun to add their own touch to the amazing artwork.

The whole process took around 10 days, which is a remarkable achievement. To see the different stages come together and then to capture this using the time-lapse video technique was an unbelievable experience for our video team. Even if there were some very long shifts behind the cameras!

It is always a pleasure to work on such an amazing livery. This plane stands out from the rest at any airport and is a testament to a company that wants to do something different, that wants to create something special. To see the next extraordinary livery that we worked together with Icelandair, please see below.

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