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“Daydream Believer”

Virgin Atlantic A330-200 Time Lapse Video

Virgin Atlantic are a world renowned international airline. The first airline time-lapse that we did over 9 years ago was actually for VAA. It was ‘Mustang Sally’, their first plane to be painted with the new livery updates. The video achieved massive exposure and even got our work on the national primetime news. We have worked on a few Virgin Atlantic projects and were looking forward to documenting their new addition to their fleet. Virgin really understand the power of video promotion and the interaction with their customer base through social media. 

Virgin Atlantic Time-Lapse Video

Vivid’s very first aircraft time-lapse was for Virgin Atlantic back in 2007. The paint scheme was on the Mustang Sally, a Boeing 747-400. She was the first in the fleet to receive the metallic red to the fin, as well as the enlarged house name on the fuselage. It was a great project to work on and we even won an award for it. When we received a call to work on a new project, we were obviously very excited.

Airbus A330-200

Virgin were about to add the Airbus A330-200 to their fleet of planes and wanted us to produce a time-lapse film that could be used both as a stand alone film but also as part of a larger media piece. The aircraft was to be painted in our home town of Manchester by Air Livery, with whom we have worked many times and have a very good working relationship. This always helps as we know how their painting process works, enabling us to move cameras around the aircraft and hangar at the correct time.

The livery was part of a initiative to commemorate legendary songs, hence “Daydream Believer”. This was the first of four planes and was commissioned in Early 2018.

We used a fixed  2 camera set-up and operated 5 roving cameras during the shoot. We were constantly moving cameras to match the areas being worked on. We always vary the interval between frames depending on the length of the section being filmed. Sometimes this can be multiple frames per second or as long as 1 minute between frames. One of the main challenges in producing a creative time-lapse is capturing the correct amount of frames to allow for a useable shot to be produced. 

We produced a visually stunning video for Virgin showing all the key aspects of the production process. This video is Virgin branded throughout and was the centre piece of the promotional campaign to promote this new initiative. We enjoy working with a forward thinking company like Virgin Atlantic. They always try to do something different with their livery schemes and we look forward to what they have next.

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