Project Description


“A Livery for the Future”

Lufthansa – 747-830 Time-Lapse 

Branding is an integral part of any airline’s corporate identity and promotional strategy. Each airline wants to stand out from the competition and their plane’s branding livery is the keystone that brings it all together. Airlines spend millions on the design and promotion of their brand. ATL offer a worldwide plane time-lapse video service, so we were able to capture the complete process of the new livery being applied. Lufthansa approached ATL to document the whole livery production process on this key project that would help shape the future of their airline.

Lufthansa New Livery Time-lapse Video

What a prestigious project to work on! Lufthansa were releasing a brand new livery, their first re-design since 1989.  This was going to be huge! Their brand new livery for the long term future and we were asked to capture the complete production process via a plane time-lapse video. With a project of this nature complete secrecy was required by all parties involved. We filmed this at IAC’s Rome site and was amazing to see something as impressive as a Jumbo Jet fill the huge hangar…well technically it’s a Boeing 747-830 but to us it’s a Jumbo!

A lot of the livery paint production we have captured before, have had the aircraft fully encased with scaffolding. IAC Rome, uses an automated moveable platform system, installed in the roof of the hangar. From a visual perspective both scaffolding & platform systems have their pros and cons. The platform system makes it difficult for close-up shots but allows for a much cleaner look to the final video as you do not have scaffolding blocking the bulk of the plane.

Due to the size of the plane the project was a long one. A lot of the time was spent stripping the plane down to bare metal and preparing for paint. The primer and the white paint was applied. Then the key element of the production process was conducted. The tail  area is the focal point of their new scheme. The extension of the new deep blue colour scheme wrapping around the back fuselage was all lined out by hand. This is by no means easy and the moveable platform with the design artist (measure in hand) and line puller was constantly moving up and down, forwards and backwards as they made tiny adjustments to the line position. Finally the brand new version of the Lufthansa crane logo was painstakingly positioned on the fin. 

It was an absolute pleasure and honour to work on the such an important time-lapse commission. The design is a simple but bold re-imaging of the Lufthansa logo. This new scheme is to take this iconic brand well into the 21st century. We wish Lufthansa all their best with new Livery.

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