Project Description


“The Hertz Partnership Livery”

100th Year Plane Time-lapse Video

Eurowings is a German airline and a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group. To mark their new partnership with Hertz, the world renowned car rental company, they commissioned Airline Time-Lapse Videos to document the application process of Hertz’s 100th year anniversary special livery. This distinctive livery would be used to show the intent of both companies for a strong strategic partnership, whilst also recognising the rich history of Hertz.

Eurowings & Hertz 100 Year Plane Time-lapse Video

Over the years we have built a very strong relationship with Eurowings, having produced numerous time-lapse videos for them. This can be seen in the examples below. They understand the importance of using this type of video to connect with their audience and to show their new business message. This can be highlighted by the Borussia Dortmund time-lapse video (please see below). It was viewed 1.2 million times (on FaceBook alone!) in little over 3 days after the video was launched. So when Eurowings and Hertz wanted to announce an important new partnership, what better way than with another aviation time-lapse video produced by our good selves.

The video was shot at Air Livery’s East Midlands facility. The production process took over 10 days with around 20 people working on it. The livery was a relatively complex one. It had numerous layers and many graphical elements that required a lot of planning in terms of paint application, drying times, positive/negative stencil alignment etc. It was important that we captured the full application of each of these elements. We don’t simply leave a few cameras and come back later. The way that we work, is to be onsite at all times and make sure we capture each stage properly. With this approach, we make sure that in the editing stage, we have every element available to us.

The video was used for the livery launch to formally acknowledge their global partnership and to mark the 100th year. We have worked with Eurowings on numerous airline time-lapse videos and look forward to their next livery.

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