Project Description


“It’s a magical life with TUI”

TUI Magic Life Time-lapse Video

Video is an important element in the promotional mix and can be a very powerful tool in pushing a company’s promotional message. Magic Life from TUI is a way of providing all inclusive holidays for three distinct types of people, families, couples and singles. They had a new livery to showcase this new holiday idea and they wanted us to provide an aviation time-lapse video to document the production process. We had worked with TUI before (please see below) on the “Modernising the Airline” video commission which was when they did a complete redesign of the overall brand.

Magic Life Airline Time-lapse Video

Magic Life is a very important part of TUI’s business offering. TUI needed to use video as part of a promotional push. Branding on a plane is essential for any airline’s promotional strategy. From a new livery launch, to their customers recognising their actual aircraft at airports around the world.

TUI understand the importance of this style of message delivery. They knew that the initial point was to showcase their new Magic Life offering on the side on one of their planes. This would then be seen at every airport that the branded plane lands at. 

We captured the input of the TUI Fly plane followed by the existing livery being stripped. The next stage was the painting stage, followed by the application of the lettering and the logos. The livery was in an eye-catching yellow with clear and precise words displaying the core brand message for the Magic Life initiative.  There was also a sister plane, branded ‘Family Life’ which we also produced a time-lapse video for.

We have worked with TUI for over 7 years on a wide variety of projects. Each commission has been different and we have been fortunate enough to work on some very eye-catching and important TUI liveries. We look forward to seeing the next project they have.

Thomson Airways – Modernising the Airline (Time-Lapse)